The new release of gUSE comes together with the Liferay-based WS-PGRADE portal. gUSE is a set of high-level grid services (including workflow manager, storage, broker, grid-submitters for various types of grids, etc. services). It also includes a graphical portal service based on Liferay technology.

gUSE is implemented as a set of Web services that bind together in flexible ways on demand to deliver user services in Grid and/or Web services environments. User interfaces for gUSE services are provided by the WS-PGRADE Web application.

Presentation Tier: WS-PGRADE - the GUI; Middle Tier: gUSE Services; Architectural-Middleware Tier: DCI Bridge - Job submission

The lowest level of the architecture is the services of Web service, Grid service networks. Grid services typically provide job execution, large scale file storage and brokering services in a secured way, while Web services make pre-defined computational algorithms accessible via SOAP messages. gUSE services connect to this tier to perform computation, data management on behalf of the users.

For additional information on each layer, see the WS-PGRADE, the DCI Bridge and the core services page.

Data Avenue is a file commander tool for data transfer, enabling easy data moving between various storage services (such as grid, cloud, cluster, supercomputers) by various protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, GSIFTP, SRM, and S3.

The Data Avenue interface allows you to browse, download and upload data to and from the supported data stores, and move data easily between them even if they are accessed by different protocols.

The Data Avenue family consist of three members. The Data Avenue at SZTAKI is a stand-alone installation of the Data Avenue portlet hosted at MTA SZTAKI that can be used easily and quickly to try out the features of Data Avenue without any installation. The Integrated Data Avenue is a portlet integrated into WS-PGRADE/gUSE that offers a web-based interface for managing data storages with the help of Data Avenue Blacktop. For developers, Data Avenue Blacktop is the core service that can be used to perform different operations related to storages through a web service interface.