gUSE 3.6.7

The main improvements in this version:

From this version XSEDE grid resources are also supported by gUSE. Therefore, users can simply submit jobs to XSEDE resources as well. Note: the generator-type jobs are currently not supported by XSEDE resources. (More details: in Portal User Manual (chapter 24 of Menu-Oriented Online Help) and in DCI Bridge Manual (section 5.21)).

Another important change is the direct integration of Data Avenue tool into the job configuration and execution of WS-PGRADE. Thus, users can conveniently use the capabilities of Data Avenue for remote job input and output definitions. Note: The use of the Data Avenue-based job I/O function is currently guaranteed for the application of three storage protocols (SFTP, GSIFTP, and S3) and for four middleware types (local, gLite, CloudBroker, and EC2). (More details: in section 21.2 of Menu-Oriented Online Help in Portal User Manual.)

This release also contains fix for an SGE-specific bug (SourceForge bug report: #232).

Download gUSE version 3.6.7 here.

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