gUSE 3.6.8

The main improvements in this version:

This release contains an improved gUSE support for cloud resource access. From this version the EGI FedCloud infrastructure, which uses OCCI-based technology, can also be accessed and used via gUSE. Currently, the accessibility of three EGI FedCloud endpoints is tested and guaranteed from gUSE: the LPDS, the BIFI, and the CESNET FedCloud endpoints.

More details for users: Chap. 18 in Menu-Oriented Online Help of Portal User Manual; for administrators: Sect. 5.19 in DCI Bridge Manual; the whole Cloud-Specific Administration Guide.

Minor changes, bug fixes and fulfilled feature requests:

  • Issue of executable reconfiguration is solved in the dropdown list within the WS-PGRADE Job Configuration tab (SourceForge bug report: #237)

Download gUSE version 3.6.8 here.

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