There are some significant changes in this version:

First change is the introduction of Liferay 6.2 as new framework system to WS-PGRADE portal. This change involves some improvements in the Liferay-based portlet administration of WS-PGRADE and a minor change in appearance of the WS-PGRADE portal. See details about the Liferay-based administration in Chap. III, IV, and VII of Admin Manual. About the Liferay upgrade in WS-PGRADE you read in the Upgrade Manual.

Second, there is a change in the Data Avenue-specific job configuration of WS-PGRADE: you can add robot certificate to your input file definition when you select the input by the help of Data Avenue. Additionally, you can use the Data Avenue not only in input definition but in executable settings of WS-PGRADE. Read details about:

  • robot permission in WS-PGRADE in Chap. 20 in User Manual
  • Data Avenue in Chap. 21 in User Manual

Third main improvement: Tomcat 7 became the application server of gUSE.

Finally, there are two CloudBroker-specific bug fixes in this release: a bug fix to clear CloudBroker-based data (softwares, executables) from cache when authentication data is changed and a bug fix related to job configuration: the defined binary is not removed from configuration when a new resource is selected by the user.

Download gUSE version here.

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