The main improvements in this version:

In this version the DCI Bridge configuration UI was redesigned and several bugs were fixed.

Minor changes, bug fixes and fulfilled feature requests:

  • DCI Bridge also displays an error message on "Resource" when no space left on device
  • wget redirect is included in the wrapper script to optimize Data Avenue operations
  • SSH service reconnect correctly if connection is lost. It fixes pbs, lsf, sge and moab communication problems
  • Jsch jar is updated
  • pbs log became more detailed
  • In case of embedded workflows wfi shows the job ID and parametric ID as well
  • Definition problem of Data Avenue related ports during workflow configuration is solved. (SourceForge bug report: #254)
  • lfc portlet display error is fixed
  • In lfc portlet the “replica” list can be copied to clipboard
  • DataAvenue generator is fixed in case of pbs and lsf
  • Fix logging info and resubmit operations in case of gLite

Download gUSE version here.

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