How to read gUSE documents?

In order to facilitate to get to know with the different versions of gUSE, we have created a how-to, called documentation map. With the help of this information you will easily find the documents you are seeking for.

To make it even more easier we color-coded the gUSE manuals. The green docs are the manuals for administrators and operators; the red ones are for portal developers; blue docs are for portal users; and finally we have some generic (orange) document, which are good-to-know information for everybody.

How to read gUSE documents?

Manuals for portal users
  • WS-PGRADE Portal User Manual - released for each gUSE version
    Detailed guide and description of WS-PGRADE Portal at user level.
  • WS-PGRADE portal cookbook
    The most typical and common use cases of gUSE/WS-PGRADE portal. In the focus is to introduce a practical, transparent user-level „how to” guide about various workflow creation, configuration and submission processes in WS-PGRADE.
Manuals for administrators and operators
  • Installation Wizard Manual - released for each gUSE version
    The most relevant and useful information about installation of gUSE/WS-PGRADE system by Installation Wizard tool. The manual gives description about the installation prerequisites, programs, the detailed installation process as well as considerations about testing and security.
  • Upgrade Manual - released for each gUSE version
    Upgrade description about gUSE/WS-PGRADE from the previous version to current one. The manual provides information about the exact upgrade procedure including backups, database update and web application update as well as about the system restart.
  • Administrator Manual
    Guide to gUSE components and related interfaces administration. Some topics from the content: How to Start and Stop the System, Setup the End-User Role, Setting System to Local Submitter, Robot Permission Related Logging of Job Submissions
  • DCI Bridge administrator manual - released for each gUSE version
    Detailed information about DCI Bridge administration itemized by middleware types
  • Cloud-Specific Administration Guide
    Guide to describe the gUSE administration details in the clouds.
Manuals for portal developers
  • Cookbook for Gateway Developers
    Solutions and examples for advanced usage and development of gUSE components and related programming interfaces.
  • ASM Developer Guide
    Manual and developer tutorial about using of the API called Application-Specific Module (ASM).
  • Remote API Configuration and Specification
    This specification contains information about Remote API configuration settings within WS-PGRADE as well as about the
    command-line job submission in gUSE. A set of examples is also attached to this document.
  • DCI Bridge Service
    This guide helps professionals to use DCI Bridge as standalone service in the job submission process. Example codes, discussed in the document, are also available.
Generic docs
  • Release Issue Policy
    This documentation defines the exact roles and process of a general gUSE/WS-PGRADE release.
  • License
    Description of free download components/third party terms and conditions of gUSE/WS-PGRADE
  • How to Read gUSE Documents
    Useful guide and documentation map for reading the gUSE documentation.
  • gUSE in a Nutshell
    Quick overview about gUSE. It provides a big picture about gUSE and correctly answer the essential question about gUSE: what is this? If you meet gUSE at the very first time, look at this document.

For the full documentation map description document, please click here.

To read the documentation of a specific release, see the documentation page.